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               We remove un-wanted vehicles from your property with

AAA A R Recycling Recovery

A/C Services for your Home, Auto, or Commercial Business.

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Automotive Services & Towing | Air Conditioning | Bail Bond Referals (to mention a few)

Electrical Repairs | Remodeling | Referigeration Services and Vehicle Repairs


Rely on Camsco for all your needs, including electrical work, remodeling, All types of auto repairs, TOWING un-wanted vehicles and Roadside Assistance. We are a service company that will save you time and money by providing all these services under one roof. Our owner has 41 years of experience in these industries and he strives to provide only the best services for you. From mortgage refinancing to commercial and residential refrigeration, to referals for Bail Bonds. Camsco does it all. Contact our service contracting company in Houston, Texas, for a wide variety of your needs from repair services to landscape work and we will even deliver.

In the event of a house fire, we go in and tear out all the bad material and put in new material, including Sheetrock™, paneling, windows, and roofs. We can remodel any building or house and help you determine what the best mode of action is for any issue you might have. We can also offer landscaping and architectural designs.

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